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Day 337 - Pandemic Staycation

Today was the first day we all started our pandemic staycation.  I sat on the couch drinking coffee for way too long this morning because I stayed up late watching Firefly Lane like a twit.  I hated every second of it but couldn't look away.  I am so glad it is over but I cannot wait to find out if there will be a second season to see how far they go off the rails with the storyline, (which is already quite a bit different than the book s).   I am not sure what this week has in store for us.  We will ski, maybe snowmobile, do a whole lot of resting our brains if not our bodies, and try to reconnect as a family.  It is hard to vacation connect when you are home and the kids can retreat to their rooms.  Maybe we will have a bonfire or go to the beach. A friend of mine, (who recently moved closer but I can't visit because of frigging covid) and I try to chat on the phone once in a while in the wee hours of the morning while we are walking our dogs before work.  I lie.  She walks