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Day 571 Trip to CO & Thoughts on The Closer

Due to my firstborn's shoulder surgery halfway across the country, I had the rare opportunity to have a week of downtime. In between sleepless nights and ice packs and pain meds, I read, spent an obnoxious amount of time on social media, and ate a ton of fast food.  I brought three books with me: The last graduate by Naomi Novik , Screwtape letters by C.S. Lewis , and Creating change through Humanism by Roy Speckhardt . I chose the first because it is a library book and I am DYING to finish it as it is the sequel to Deadly education, which left on a wicked cliffhanger. I chose the Screwtape letters because I read it as a kid and remember it being weirdly entertaining and I grabbed the Humanism book because a friend lent it to me. I made quite a bit of progress with Deadly education. It is one of quite a few sequels that I have read lately that is better than the first. I never picked up Screwtape letters but I did poke around at the Humanist book and spoiler alert, I think I am a H