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Day 212 - Breathe

I get up every morning at 6am.  I get the kids up, (teenagers sleep through alarms).  I make them a warm breakfast and help with lunches.  I try to remember to tell them how awesome they are through pre-coffee clenched teeth but often just grunt and point.  My son has SATs today so I had to dig deep and remind him to take his time and boost him up before sending him off to caffeinate on his way to school.  

I also had to touch base with them because of what is happening in the news right now.  The U.S. has a new Supreme Court Justice, the election is just days away, and (I can't believe I am shocked about this) another police shooting,  I just gave them a heads up, asked them not to get into it with anyone at school, and hope we can talk about it more tonight.  I can barely keep my head above water right now.  When I got up and saw the video of the police shooting, I cried.  I just cannot imagine it is any easier for a teenager to process all of this.  

Thankfully, today is a rare day to myself.  Because I have to work on Saturday, I get today "off" so I grab my laptop and make myself a Cafe Au Lait and let the procrastination begin!   Actually, the best thing I can do for myself is to get outside but it is cold and damp out so I will probably do a little yoga from my favorite yoga site and some cardio.  Hopefully, this will boost my mood.   If all else fails, I can always go sit under my grow lamp.