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Day 229 - Back where we started

 I logged off and deleted all my social media leading up to the election because I know my limits.  I have none. I have no boundaries and I am extremely sensitive.  I have no business being on social media at all but here we are.  Now, it is "official."  Biden is going to be our next president and more importantly, Harris will be our VP.  Upward and onward!

I wish I could bask in the online glory but alas, Covid-19 has reared its ugly head and my kids are remote learning again and we are told we are not welcome in more states without quarantining for 14 days.  I guess no other states want our Live Free or Die rampant Covid-19 spreaders.  I don't want my kids to go to into school and I don't want to leave NH but I am just enough of an entitled American that I get a little panicky when I can't do what I want.

We have enough toilet paper and I hope we have enough food because it is getting real again and it feels a little like Groundhog day.  I am just hoping that I am better prepared emotionally to navigate it all this time around.  

  • We have Reggie the cat, who is super fun to play with and more like a dog.  
    • Unfortunately, the days are getting shorter and I just want to sleep, ugh.
  • We have done this before so we have a system.  
    • Unfortunately, the weather just took a turn so family walks are going to be a little challenging.  
  • My son quit his job so we will see a lot more of him.  
    • Unfortunately, he is a teenager and we never know what version of him we are going to get day to day.

Fortunately, today is Friday Fun Day!  My husband and I try to spend the day together doing something fun and we try try try not to do errands or chores.  Those dishes don't clean themselves though, SAD.  I hope the weather will clear enough for us to go for a little hike or something.  We didn't really plan as our head is still spinning from the whole pandemic re-run.

We did let both of our kids have Halloween parties.  Sorry-not-sorry!