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Day 256 - Holiday Covid style

There are few things I will complain about during this pandemic.  My family is healthy, my kids are doing fine with remote learning, (although they have missed out on so much, my senior the most) my husband and I both have jobs, and we have plenty of food on the table and oil in the tank.  The one thing that is really getting to me is that we are not able to get together with friends and family.  We are expecting a big storm this weekend and instead of having that feeling of, phew, maybe we can cancel plans and stay in, we just keep with the status quo.  No guests, no visiting.  

Since we are staying in, together, all the time, I thought maybe I would switch up our advent calendar.  A friend posted online the other day that she was looking for some so I told her I have a wooden one so I can put whatever I want in it.  Then I had an idea.  A terrible, wicked, awful idea.  I would put little slips of paper in each box with different activities written on them, in addition to chocolate.  I would have an all-out mutiny if I skipped the chocolate.  

We made towers with toothpicks and gumdrops last night and tonight is Tinkertoys.  Here is the link to the document I used.  I don't know how long we are going to keep this up but I am two for two so far!  

This is my Advent calendar.  We use it every year.