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Day 275 - Reality

My advent calendar idea just didn't.  It worked the first night and then we were too busy, too tired, too apathetic.  Covid Christmas is going to be nothing special and that is totally ok with me.  I'm exhausted.

Today is my last day of work for four days.  All I have to do to prepare for Christmas is wrap.  The house is a total mess but see above.  I'm not cleaning it.  I am going to go for long walks, read, and nourish myself with good food, good spirits and perhaps some long phone calls with friends and family, (unless they are too busy with the Christmas mayhem).

Our new puppy, Toby, is a delight when he is not biting me.  He is 10 weeks old and is pretty close to sleeping through the night.  The biting is a total suck fest though.  He bit me so hard yesterday that I not only have a puncture wound but it is all black and blue.  I am too old for this.  My old lady skin is taking too long to heal and all the wounds on my hands make me look like a heroin addict.

It is about 7am and the puppy is chilling in his pen, (worth every penny).  I need to wake the kids up soon so I am enjoying having the house to myself.  I have Seth MacFarlane's Holiday for Swing playing.  The music is the only thing I really enjoy about Christmas.  My coffee is still kind of hot.  My pajamas are comfy.

Before I go to work, I have to finish up the presents I made for my co-workers, check on the chickens as I walk the dog, make breakfast for the kids, flip the laundry, work out, shower, and give myself enough time to ship out a couple of presents that will not get to their destinations until New Years.  I might get to half of that but that's ok.  I am being good to myself.  It is my Christmas present to me.

Toby the land shark