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Day 286 To New Years or not to New Years

New Year's Eve is just another day.  It came and went like any other evening, (me going to bed early hoping the puppy would sleep through the night).

I didn't make my reading goal but I came damn close!  I gained some weight this past year but I also gained some insight.  I have slowed down so much and I feel like I now focus on things that make me really and truly happy.  I have the Yale course on the Science of Well Being to thank for it.  I think I might take it again at some point.   I listen to the podcast right now and it is just enough of a boost to keep me going.  If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it!

I'm not into New Year's resolutions mostly because I set goals for myself throughout the year that I don't end up attaining.  There is one thing I have been doing every New Year for the past five years and that is the Bowl Full of Lemons home organization challenge.  To know me is to know I love the minimalist life.  I have a practical car, practical/comfy clothes, (someday, I will have that capsule wardrobe I dream about) and a clutter-free house, (please don't look now as it kind of looks like a bomb went off in here).

This year, I am starting off with two accountability partners from work!  I am so psyched!  The first challenge is the laundry room and since I don't have one, (we just have the washer and dryer plunked down in the basement) we are cleaning out our crawlspace which houses all the decorations and kid stuff we cannot part with.  In the interest of full disclosure, we have to do it because a family of mice moved in this spring and got super comfy before the cats found them and Auggie ate one.  I love my life.

It took the four of us 20 minutes to empty it.  I have to pull out all the insulation, vacuum, and bleach.  For little guys, mice can really do some damage.  We have to go to the stuff mart to get some more Rubbermaid bins.  I like that there are clear ones so you can see what is inside.  NO MORE CARDBOARD BOXES!  

I remember when we first bought our house and I was all excited about something domestic like a dustmop or something.  I remember being kind of embarrassed because I liked to think of myself as a bit of a punk.  Ugh, now look at me droning on and on about organizing and Rubbermaid bins!  #grownupsarecooltoo.

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