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Day 307 - Reflection

This morning's post is brought to you by Harry Connick Jr.'s 1990 album, Red Light Blue Light.   My latest project is ripping all my cd's so I can listen to them in the car or wherever I can plug my USB in. I thought I had done this already but when I cleaned out the crawlspace, I found a ton of music that I haven't listened to in YEARS!  I have four Harry cd's, ok seven if you count the Christmas and the children's cds.  I LOVE his music!

The family went skiing this morning and I am resisting the urge to gloat that I am home and warm because it is my turn tomorrow.  Today is just me, the puppy, the cats, and my book, Perestroika in Paris by Jane Smiley.  I can't remember when I was all by myself in this house.  It feels weird. 

As I sit here in virtual solitude, I have a chance to reflect on the last few weeks.  My elation at the results of the election followed by the horror I felt at the Capitol riots, and now I realize I was actually afraid that we might have a Handmaid's Tale style uprising.  I know it isn't logical but I felt it and it really brought me to a dark place.  I was scared and angry that my children had to witness all of this playing out in front of them on the news and social media.

Apparently, they are made of sturdier stuff than I.  By the time I got home the night of the riots, they were already sharing memes about school vs. Capitol lockdowns and seemed to have already processed what happened.  They saw it for exactly what it was:  People who were enraged and organized and not taken seriously enough to prepare for what they had "planned."  Fast forward to the inauguration and I feel a little better and more confident in our safety and this nightmare coming to an end. Fingers crossed because obsessing about it doesn't help.

Upward and onward has been my rallying cry since this whole pandemic started.  I will dig deep and continue to be good to myself and my family.   I think I'll take Toby for a hike up Blue Job mountain.  It is cold out.  I better wear my Bernie mittens!  


Take the smiles where you can get them.