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Day 483 - The masks are coming off, except when I'm at Walmart, for now...

 It has been raining for the better part of two weeks.  The sun came out yesterday so Number 2 and I slept on the deck and decided to bring the dog out with us.  He did well until about 2 am, which is when he aggressively vomited at the foot of my bed.  All I could do was pat his back like a little baby.  Being 2 am, I was not about to get up and clean it up, (we were outside after all).  Not surprisingly, there is no evidence of said puke this morning but I will still wash all the bedding, (which cuts into our Friday Fun Day).  Even if it was all a dream, the linens have a slight moldy aroma from all the rain.  The damp cotton smell mixed with pollen, sweat, and dirt reminds me of summers up north at my grandparents' house when it got so hot and humid, we had to sleep outside.  Although, it seems like there were more lightning bugs back then.  

I am writing today because I stopped reading a book that I have wanted to read for a while but kept putting off.  I saw it on Obama's list so I bumped it up to the top of my pile.  Leave the World Behind is by Rumaan Alam.  I got to chapter five and couldn't go any further.  I absolutely detested the writing style!  Anyway, the rest of my books are upstairs and that  I made myself another cup of coffee and grabbed my laptop.  It has been a while since I have written and quite a lot has been happening.  I really should document.

We are all vaccinated.  Number 1 is in Florida, maskless, (I am trying to be ok with this and doing ok...struggling...not quite failing).  Craig is still working from home.  I am not wearing a mask at work.  Number 2 is not wearing a mask at the barn.  I still wear a mask when I go grocery shopping and if I HAVE to go to Walmart.  My threshold is time.  If I think I am going to be in a building for more than 20 minutes, I wear a mask, (except when I am at work).  It is a complicated algorithm based solely on my gut mixed with whatever I have read in the last few days.  If I see a headline with the word variant in it, I freak out a little, breathe, and remember I live in NH.  Our numbers are very low right now.  My masks are at the ready though.  Number 2 loves her masks and I think will be wearing them inside until the end of time. 

Today is Friday Fun Day!  Once Number 2 wakes up, which I fear might not be until noon, we are going to spend the day together.  I am trying not to get too excited about it in case she sleeps all day.  We are going to bring Toby to the local bakery and train him to ignore people, (which is very challenging for him).  We will then go paddle boarding, have a picnic lunch, go for a little hike, and finish it off with a trip to my favorite ice cream place.  

Come to think of it, that does sound a bit exhausting.  I kind of like sitting out here, drinking coffee, and listening to the birds.   It is so Hygge.

Hygge is life!