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Day 494 - Found time, and a book review

Did you ever have a day that was scheduled to the max but then plans change and you find yourself with all kinds of time?  Me either, until today.

I went to a friend's house last night for a girls' night and had tons of good food, satisfying discussions, and a margarita to boot.  Thinking today was going to be a little busy and rough after such a fun night, I started my day by snuggling with number one's kitty, Reggie.  I then went for a walk with one of my besties and Toby, (who was such a good boy on the leash...not really but he did try).  When I got home, I tried to hurry up and empty the dishwasher, pick up the house, do some laundry, and drink lots of coffee while squeezing in a little bit of the Magicians on Netflix, (I am obsessed with this show)!

Time ticks by and the reason for my packed day, (number two) is still asleep.  She finally emerges from her room around 11am, having retired at midnight from what I hear, and shows no signs of rushing off to the barn.  Sensing I have time and with the air quality being terrible because of the fires out west, I tell her I am going to work out at home instead of trying to run while she is riding and to let me know if she is going today or not, (a trip to the barn can be a four-hour tour).  I work at 4 and she has band camp at 4:30.  Decisions have to be made and I am flexible if nothing else.

If you have read any of my posts, you probably know by now that I do all different kinds of movement because I get restless and bored with all exercise except running, (which, considering all my injuries, I am convinced is the devil in disguise). I am currently loving the FitOn app.  It is free or you can get the premium version for $20 for 6 months.  This is a screaming deal because there are so many different types of exercises, you would have a tough time getting bored.  I have high hopes for myself.  Right now, I am loving the barre and ballet workouts.  

Number two finally tells me mid-workout that the barn is a no-go for today as she has too much work to do, (French lessons, reading, clarinets...yes, that is 2 clarinets, and a bassoon to play).  I start feeling a little guilty about having all this extra time.  That is a lie.  I don't feel guilty one bit.  I need to rest my weary bones.  Ballet is wicked hard!

I did just finish another extremely satisfying book by V.E. Schwab.  She wrote the Shades of Magic series, which I also LOVE.  The invisible life of Addie LaRue is a story is about a girl in 18th century France who has no interest in following the current cultural norms of marrying and makes a deal to be free of it all but ends up being cursed and forgotten by everyone she meets.  The story follows her for 300 years and all the choices she has to make.  Another character comes into play but I won't give out much more except to say that I rooted for Addie and her will to not just survive, but stubbornly live her way.  It was beautiful and cleverly written.  I am convinced now that V.E. Schwab can do no wrong.  

I have to go to work.  No masks yet but soon, I am sure!  Gack!

Toby was super tired from attempting to behave like the good boy he is.