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Day 79 - I'm cancelling my gym membership

I have finally decided to cancel my gym membership.  It pains me because going to the gym has been a big part of my adult life.  Unfortunately, my schedule is different and so are my exercise needs.  I  will get a membership to Do Yoga With Me instead.  I have been loving the 30-day challenge and have enjoyed every other class I have taken on their website.  I feel stronger than I did in my 30's, maybe even stronger than I was in my 20's.  Now that I am running again, I need to keep it up so I looked into it.  

I get 50% off my first year with this coupon code:  DTWMGETYOGA2.  For $50, I get full access to the entire site!  And, it is the equivalent to 2 months of my gym membership!  I'm stoked!

I knew canceling my gym membership would be challenging so I looked it up.  You have to go in and fill out a form or send a certified letter.  Since my gym is not open, I have no choice but to send a letter, (I am loving the no contact with humans part of this).  I have linked the letter here for reference.  

My reason for wanting to post this today is that it is fresh on my mind and this is a prime example, (no pun intended) of me sticking with something that isn't working for me but lacking the energy to change.  So here is to confronting those uncomfortable changes that we need to make in our lives.   I can't wait to see what is next.  Bring it!


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