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Day 99 - Back to work, school, running, real life = real anxiety

I went back into the library 3 weeks ago.  

It was surreal. 

No patrons.  Plexiglass everywhere.  Masks.  Long days.

I rode my bike into work a few days but sometimes it was just too hot.  I have been walking and running with friends and that has been amazing.  I have been visiting with my co-workers and talking to patrons on the phone.  We profess how much we miss each other and life before Covid-19 and hope for an everyday life where we can see each other face to face again.

My kids are taking online classes this summer so I figured, what the heck.  I'll go back to school too!  I am pursuing a degree in English and taking a class called Perspectives in History.  I am hoping it will give me the confidence to be the anti-racist on the outside that I am on the inside.  That is my struggle.  My kids are taking French and Pre-Calculus.   They are WAY smarter than I could ever hope to be.  

Since I have not been posting, nor will I be as much as I was, I am going to officially switch to book reviews and re-posting some of my stuff from when the kids were little.

This is my son's new cat, Reggie.