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Day 166 - Friday Family Fun Day

Actually, Monday, Labor Day, was more of a family fun day but it doesn't have a nice a ring to it.  The kids are back in school, with masks and socially distanced.  They are irritable and there was already a lockdown due to a robbery down the street.  Strange times indeed.

So back to Monday.  Having two teenagers means we are rarely in the same place at once but since the pandemic, (silver lining) and Labor day, (thank you to our forefathers that fought for fair labor) we had a day to ourselves, together.   We explored some boulder fields in a nearby town, (actually my hometown but I never knew it existed).  I love low-key bouldering!  I am deathly afraid of heights but somehow climbing all over and hauling myself up huge chunks of rock is just the right balance of whole-body exercise and thrill of accomplishment.  Curiosity got the better of us so we kept tramping along for six miles.  Everyone still hurts four days later.

We went out to dinner, outside, and got terribly slow service.  We like each other ok so it wasn't a huge deal.  As we were wrapping up and heading home, where devices rule and adulting is necessary, I kept thinking about what a wonderful day it was and I have no idea when our next day will be.  If we aren't careful, we could end up back to our old pre-covid ways.  That would be a shame.  

One of the many scenic views from our hike.