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Day 174 - Pandemic combined with Facebook equals disaster for your soul

One hundred seventy-three days in and day six of school for my kids and they get sent home for a week of remote learning due to the fact that someone at the school tested positive for covid-19.  I think to myself, Phew.  The system is working.  Thank goodness the school department is being proactive and looking out for not only our childrens' health but the staff and the community at large.  We are so lucky our city has it's shit together.

Then, because I am ignorant AF, I logged onto Facebook.  I keep my circle small.  I have no problem hiding or unfriending someone who spreads doom and gloom and negativity.  I need to be vigilant about keeping my environment positive and nurturing for my mental health.  I quit Facebook once, twice...I have lost count.  I keep coming back to it because it is how I find out what is going on in town or how big my friends' kids are getting.  It is that necessary evil that I love to hate.  

When I opened Facebook, I saw three of my friends posting about the school closure and all the drama.  What drama?  I didn't know because I don't surround myself with assholes.  You can do it too!  It is easy!  You just go to that person's page and unfollow them.  If that person does something particularly egregious, unfriend them.  So what if you see them in line at the grocery store or at Thanksgiving.  

You are the master of your universe.  You alone control what you see in your feed.  Studies have shown that social media is the reason why our kids are depressed and anxious.  Be strong.  Model good behavior for your self and your community.  It is so easy.  I challenge you.  Give yourself the gift of freedom from keyboard warriors as my husband likes to call them.  

Always look for the good in life because it is out there.

Credit to Craig Lemelin for this awesome photo!