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Day 10 is brought to you by the word, BALANCE

Balance comes in many forms

I figured out how to turn the DVD player on. Winning!
Then there was this...
CNN: Trump says he wants the country 'opened up and just raring to go by Easter,' despite health experts' warnings.
I finally got a few projects checked off my list. Winning!
And then the fire alarm went off because a breaker tripped.
I figured out which breaker and reset it all by myself! Winning!
My husband set up online cribbage with his 90 year old dad so they can play and not risk my father in law's health. Yes, he is that kind of guy!
Due to the cribbage, we were a tad bit late for our family walk and the dog took off at the end to follow a fresh deer trail. We found her an hour later in the pitch dark.
Due to that little unexpected extra walk, I managed to log 15k steps today. Winning!
That is 5 ups and 3 downs. I'll take it!

This little 11 year old, one eyed doggy is so tired.