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Day 9 of social distancing

Rule 1.  Don't have any rules.
Rule 2.  Balance between communicating the severity of the situation and not freaking out or freaking your kids out.
Rule 3.  Get everyone to eat the perishables first.

I got the word Sunday night that I too will be staying home.  I cannot explain it but my initial reaction was disappointment, shock, and maybe a little fear.  The fact that I was still going into work kept this new normal a little unreal to me.  Well, #$@% just got real.

Our days are pretty much the same.  My two teenagers are distance learning and so far, I have not heard too many complaints.  My husband is working from home in a non-ergonomic environment so he is pretty sore at the end of the day.  We go for a walk, have dinner together, and switch back and forth between game night and movie night.  We went from being crazy busy and hardly ever seeing each other to spending every free moment together, and, we all sleep in, which is amazing!

I can catch up on all those projects I have been meaning to do...but now I have this blog so...
I can work out...I did yoga for an hour yesterday and my fitbit only gave me credit for 30 minutes which is total bullcrap!
Our dog is so happy...I think.  She sleeps literally all day.