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Role Reversal Originally posted 10-04-2006

I read somewhere, (and in true to me fashion, probably only read half of it) that it could be fun to let the kids put the parents to bed at night.  Oh boy did my kids latch on to that one! I had so much fun watching my 4 year old girl call me, "Honey" every 2 minutes and man was she attentive! It was almost overwhelming.  It was quite a window into what it must be like to be them. My son was a little more laid back but he put my unsuspecting husband to bed, (more about that mistake later).

After peeing, teeth brushing, and pjs, she tucked me in and read me a few stories.  I tried to "bug" her a little by whining a little here and there. I wandered around when she got sidetracked and begged for two more stories, (which were fantastic).  She was patient and obliging and overall, it was such a fun evening, I remember thinking to myself that I just cannot wait to do that again!

Then it came time for HER to go to bed...

"Oh no.  Mommy goes downstairs and cleans the kitchen while Daddy watches tv."  That is not always true. Sometimes, I get them done before bedtime. I kid.  Actually, my husband has put in some serious dish washing hours over the years.  I have NO IDEA where she got that from. My point is, she really thought that I was going to go to bed and she and her brother would go downstairs and do whatever!  

My husband, annoyed that I threw this idea out at 5pm without so much as a, "Whaddaya think?" was irritated and not really sure how to conduct himself.  Being the constant voice of reason, I am sure he was a little uncomfortable about the role reversal. 

Fortunately, I am blessed with 2 smart kids and a forgiving husband and after a few tears from my four year old, I coaxed her into bed with a few extra stories.  I look forward to trying it again sometime but maybe with something like dinner or picking out clothes or sure to stay tuned.