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Day 11 part 2 Online socializing

I don't know about you but I am pretty lonely.  My kids are doing school work, my husband is working, and my dog is, you guessed it, sleeping.  As I indolently plug away at cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, and exercising, I manage to fill my day but I am left unfulfilled.  How long can I keep this up?  I miss my friends!  I miss being at work and interacting with people.  I'm not even that social!  What is wrong with me!

Last night, some friends of mine got together on Zoom with a beverage of choice and just talked!  There was no agenda, no judgment, no fear of contagion!  We chatted for about an hour and it was just what I needed.

I jumped out of bed with a renewed sense of purpose.  My batteries are recharged and I am ready to go:  Wash doors and woodwork, make phone calls and do laundry.  I will be doing it with a smile on my face, however, and I am anxiously awaiting our next evening together!

Shout out to my girls!