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Day 11 Pinterest fail?

My kiddo cleaned out their arts and craft area and found some blocks of beeswax that we got to make some solid perfume in repurposed EOS containers oh so long ago.  That was a long, arduous project that I don't look back on fondly.

Fast forward to our current situation where we are blessed with time and clear heads and I decided to put it to good use by making our own reusable fabric food covers.  I scanned quite a few and found this tutorial from Apartment Therapy:  It is the simplest one I found.

Given my success with this project, I think I will head over to Joannes to help make masks for first responders.

I have been sitting on this fabric for 7+ years

Cut the fabric to size. 

I had a block of beeswax, which I don't recommend.  It was hard to cut.

After filling the entire house with a beeswax haze, I think I might want to try microwaving.