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Dinner is supposed to be enjoyable Originally posted 4-8-2010

As I get ready to write this entry, I am considering changing the name of the blog to, "Dinner is the Worst Time of Day".

After years of fighting with my family over dinner, I decided that 4pm is the best time to feed the kids and my husband is in reheat hell.  It "works". I have less, "Mom, I am hungry. I am going to starve to death!" I have tried big snacks at 2:30, little snacks at 3:30 and nothing seems to hold them off until my husband is done work, (anytime between 5 and 6pm.

Yesterday, My 7 year old was not quite ready to eat at 4pm so I let it slide.  I let a lot of things slide. My 4 year old and I were eating when she said, "Where is Spencer?" So I said, "He is outside on the trampoline."  Man, do I wish I had a delete button on my mouth or at least a 3 second delay. That girl of mine was out the door so quick I didn't know what hit me.  "Finish your vegetables before you go." I yelled in vain. As I was running outside after her, I was thinking of how I was going to grab her and throw her over my shoulder and teach her for running away in the middle of dinner...

By the time I stomped out halfway to the trampoline, (thank goodness I have a big yard) Spencer had invited her onto the wiffle golf ball filled trampoline and they were jumping and yelling and having so much fun, I couldn't stop her.  I just stood and watched as my 2 free spirited, strong willed children had the time of their lives and I came to terms with the fact that sometimes, when you are little, having fun takes precedent over all else. I love them so much. They teach me and remind me how to live on a daily basis.