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Day 15 - Rainy day & Monday...

Yesterday was the first wet, yucky day so I figured it would be a good day to settle into my reading/chill/nap/coziness space I have created in my home.  I haven't hung out here much lately so it was a nice break from my mania.

You cannot tell from the picture but I have a reading lamp behind me that I call my Grow Lamp.  It is a regular lamp but I picked up a plant light bulb from the hardware store.  The bean bag is actually one of two that I have in this area.  It is a Fuf.  I love these bags because they are filled with foam instead of beans so it is quiet and holds its shape a bit better.  I also have an essential oil diffuser I picked up online.  Today's blend is Cheer up buttercup, which is a citrus heavy concoction that lifts my spirits and is more energizing than a typical lavender blend that you would find in my house, that I picked up at my local health food store.

Opposite from me is a small trampoline in case anyone needs to get their wiggles out!