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Day 12 - Perspective

The view from my walk this morning was a little Blair Witch.

Part of my homebound physical and mental health regimen includes walking the dog behind our house for about 1/2 hour every morning.  I love walking.  I LOVE running but my body doesn't.  When I am walking, I can focus on nothing or everything without worrying about passing out or breaking my knees.

One of the things I think about when I am walking is how miserable I am and how sad we all are.  I also think about how lucky I am and how this is an opportunity to reconnect with our loved ones.  I enjoy having my family home.  Before this pandemic, we were so busy, I rarely saw my kids.  Now, we connect throughout the day and in the evening.  We don't have the stress of schedules overlapping and running from this activity to the next.  I am amazed every day at how relaxed we all are and I am grateful.

Although the view from my walk this morning was a little Blair Witch.  I know in my heart, and science, that the leaves will come out on the trees very soon and the view will be much different.  I can choose to be bogged down in the negative or choose to be positive.

Here are some things you can do to help stay positive or at least less negative:

  1. Buying something from small, local businesses, (we get take out once a week)
  2. Call a friend every day.
  3. Get outside and move.
  4. Keep news at a minimum, (try to not obsessively check your phone)
  5. Try Zoom if you haven't already.  I look like a very sick ghost online but I don't care!