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Day 49 - Scheduling

When the pandemic became "real" for us and we all started working and schooling from home, I didn't handle it well.  In hindsight, I was pretty immature about it.  I felt sorry for myself.  I lazed around and only toyed with the idea of being productive.  I am confident I was just a wee bit depressed.  

I am one of those freaks that actually LOVES my job.  I love my coworkers, the patrons, and the environment.  The library is my happy place and it has been since I was a child.  I now literally get paid to be in my happy place.  Being surrounded by people who seem to like me and like the same things I do has been something I have been craving my whole adult life and I didn't realize how much it factored into my overall well being until it didn't.

Fast forward about five or six weeks.  I am knee-deep into the Science of Well Being class.  I set up a desk for myself because the bean bag setup was not sustainable.  The weather is getting nicer and that certainly helps.  Starting a couple of weeks ago, I upped my to-do list game and started assigning times to the things I want to accomplish in a day.

  1. Clean kitchen 30 min
  2. Walk in the am and pm 1 hr
  3. Yoga and strength train 45 min
  4. Work 3 hr
  5. Cook dinner 1 hr
  6. 1 outside project 1 hr
  7. Scrapbook 1 hr
  8. Blog 30 min
  9. Read 1 hr
The bottom line is that I went from accomplishing the very bare minimum to ridiculously overscheduling myself.  Guess who is getting used to isolation?

Epic multitasking