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Day 56 - Gross distractions

Today's gross distraction is brought to you by my 17 year old.  This is what I pulled out of his room the other day.  I also disposed of two bags of trash that didn't even include the eight empty seltzer and soda cans scattered about.

I don't typically go into his room because I can't stand the smell and I don't care to spend my time picking up after him.  Unfortunately, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin because it had gotten so out of control.  I am not a monster so I helped.  

The lack of picking up has ALWAYS been an issue.  My room had to be perfect when I was growing up.  My bed had to be made with military precision, (not an exaggeration).  When I had kids I swore I would not subject them to such unrealistic and irrelevant expectations.  Being that balance is not my strong suit, my children do not know how to make their beds and they NEVER put their clothes away.  I have threatened to take away their bureaus so they can just leave their clothes in a hamper.  I honestly think that would be easier for everyone except, where would they put all their crap if they didn't have the tops of their bureaus?

My son went through a long phase of not putting his dirty clothes in the hamper so I started asking him to do the laundry every time I estimated that he was running out of clothes.  This has worked quite well and there has been no more dirty laundry fighting.  I wonder what I can do about the dishes.  They are community property so if he hoards them all in his room, we all suffer.  Maybe I will ask him to load the dishwasher and run it... It is worth a shot!
grossness overload