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Day 54 - Mother's day hangover

Not to brag but I had a pretty awesome Mother's Day.  This is where being low maintenance comes in handy.  I told my husband I wanted a caramel apple to support our local candy shop so he got some for all of us, plus chocolate-covered strawberries!  I always ask to have my car cleaned and this year I got a complete detail complete with shampooed upholstery.  My son wants to start a business detailing cars and I am happy to say that I am a satisfied first customer!  I used to ask for a family hike but we walk every day right now anyway and the local mountains are always packed with grumpy people, (including my family) on Mother's day so I stopped asking for that.

I woke up in a tent in the back yard with my daughter who is a Scout so we were participating in a virtual troop campout.  I had an awesome night's sleep!  Yeah yoga! I have embarked on a 30 day yoga challenge.  Even though I haven't lost any weight, I feel great!  I feel stronger and my posture is amazing.  Also, I am less achy.  We had hot beverages and muddy buddies for breakfast.  Muddy Buddies are made with cereal but are not exactly breakfast food.  We also played at least an hour of Skip-bo, changing the rules and having a ton of fun and great conversation. 

The rest of the day just played out.  We worked, relaxed, cooked a meat pie from the freezer, and just enjoyed each other's company.   I did take a bath and have a glass or two of wine and went to bed early to watch a couple of episodes of Schitt's Creek.  I freaking love that show!

Now, it is back to reality.  Which come to think of it isn't half bad.