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Day 71 - Back from a LONG weekend and even longer hotter days

This past weekend was Memorial Day.  There was no parade.  My husband went to put flags on tombstones because the kids couldn't.  I read The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

We relaxed our defenses a bit and went for a long bike ride with the kids.  I actually took my daughter to the fabric store to buy a ton of fabric to make masks.  A friend sent me this video:  video of awesome face mask.  I tweaked it a bit and now use t-shirt material for the ear elastic and it is so much more comfortable!

My daughter also moved out to our screened-in porch for the summer.  I sleep out there when I want to be up half the night and don't care if I can't walk the next day.  It is all worth it when she wakes up with a huge smile on her face and says good morning.

It has been incredibly hot so I have been working a ton because my kids are being slugs.  I did manage to get the paddleboards in the water the other day.  It was so hot, humid, and buggy, I thought I was going to whine myself to death.  It is almost summer in New England and now all activities have to take place before 9am or you just melt and turn into one big bug bite.

We are fortunate to live a couple of miles from a quiet river.