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Day 51 - Something smells in my fridge

Something smells like rotting broccoli in my fridge.  The last time this happened, it was because I had put some broccoli in a reusable plastic bag in the crisper.  Apparently, the smell goes right through those things so don't even think about it!

This time, I thought it was the broccoli so we ate it all.  The fridge still smells.  I put the Brussels sprouts and the kale in Glad Ware because I thought maybe the freezer bags weren't enough to contain the fumes.  It still smells.  I put a bowl of baking soda.  The fridge still smells.  The freezer smells also!  I put two bowls of vinegar in the fridge and guess what?  IT SMELLS!  Now it smells like rotten broccoli and vinegar.