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Day 50 - I am so sick of cooking boring food!

I am the only foodie in the house.  Everyone else is very utilitarian in their food interests.  Meat and starch of basically any kind are fine and veggies are tolerated.  We are all super busy normally so I have a meal schedule:

Monday:  Chicken
Tuesday: Breakfast
Wednesday: Burgers
Thursday: Takeout
Friday: Pasta or pizza
Saturday: Chicken again
Sunday: Some kind of meat slow-cooked

I don't eat much meat and none of us eat much dairy so you can only imagine how complicated meal planning can be and how tough it is to incorporate flavor into our meals.  I pour over cooking magazines, searching for that ever-elusive recipe that will satisfy most of us and that is just a little different.  We had crepes last Tuesday.  This works because we all dress our crepes up differently.   Pizza is great because we all like different things so we can craft our own dinners to suit our tastes.  I eat veggie burgers and a lot of tofu and beans.  I very rarely make anything special for myself because I would not be able to eat it all before it went bad, aka thrown to the chickens.

Enter the super-easy Mexican Chicken Casserole I made yesterday from the Buns in my Oven blog.  I prepped it in 10 minutes, tweaked the recipe to be vegetarian, (not vegan because it calls for cheese but I am still thinking of something I can do to substitute that) and baked for 20 minutes.  It was AMAZING!  As an added bonus, I really think my daughter will like it.  If she doesn't, I will be able to finish it before it becomes chicken food.  
So delicious