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Day 73 - Amazon Update - I am moving my business to Target

Change doesn't usually bother me but I detest shopping on a good day so I am sure this is why I have been so reluctant to change in the past.  Online shopping is so convenient.  I like researching and reading reviews, (even though I realize that most of them are being incentivized to do so).  This pandemic has opened my eyes to how far I have sold out and gotten away from my values.  Change here we come!

When the kids were little, I worked very part-time from home.  I then stayed home for five years, focusing on our family and trying to save money wherever I could.  I embraced my inner college student.  If I wanted something, I wrote it on a list.  If I still wanted it by the time payday came, I would go buy it, (at a thrift store if at all possible).  The kids are older now, their needs seem immediate.  I'm not just talking candy, soda, and chips.  If one of them needs underwear, I just go online, find the brand I bought them last time, and get the next size up.  I have things to do:  Exercising, reading, laundry, dinner, pets,  a husband, oh, and children to take care of.  I don't have time to do an underwear run!

In one of my Niksen moments, (see Day 60 - Boredom is good for you) I realized that I already have a pre-printed grocery list and BJs list so I should have a catch-all/miscellaneous list.  I have attached the link to my list here in a Google Doc.  It is a fluid document and if you save it to your drive, you can change it to suit your needs.  It is two lists on one page to save paper.  

I used to work in sales and marketing.  At one point, I tried to get Target as a customer.  I researched and filled out all the paperwork needed to be considered.  I remember now that they take diversity very seriously.  If you are a minority-owned business, Target wants you.  I worked for my sister and felt like we had a shot having a small business owned by a woman.  I think the business was not big enough so we didn't get the account but the experience stuck with me.  Scroll down to the supply chain here.  What also stuck with me was the idea that Target was expensive.  I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I didn't know that Target matches Amazon prices.  Also, I'm ok with paying a little extra if it means that the people involved in getting that product to market are respected.  My epiphany with Amazon is what has brought me on this quest.