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Day 63 - My children are done with school for the summer and I am going back into work

The kids were done last Friday.  I go back June 8th.  This is a weird time where I am encouraging them to just relax and enjoy this time, while I am frantically trying to pack in hours from home.  I think some re-evaluation is in order.  I am going to dial it back and be more available for them before I go back to work but what am I going to do?  I suppose we could blow bubbles or draw with chalk in the driveway.  Teenagers love that stuff right?

My daughter is so bored already that she made an indoor mini golf course all over the house.  It is very fun but walking around has become a bit of a death trap.  My son mowed the lawn and went for a bike ride, (26 miles).  They are both a chip off the old block in that they don't idle well.

We don't want them to get jobs as we don't feel it is worth the health risk.  They will be taking online classes over the summer but what else are they going to do to take up their time?  I can tell you right now that it won't involve picking up the house. I have let that dream go a long time ago!

I have decided that in the 19 days I have before going back into work, I am going to spend as much time with them doing stuff other than work or chores.  We can walk, play basketball, play on the trampoline, bike ride, zip line, play in the treehouse, make a terrarium, read, or anything else they will let me do with them.  They might be super annoyed with me by the end of the 19 days but I will have no regrets.  I might be exhausted though! 

One of nine holes in my house