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Day 17 - I ate so much bread today!

Today was a day for a little bit of work and a little bit of baking.  There was not a whole lot of movement going on so I feel a little blegh.   

My sourdough starter was freshly fed from the day before as I made some pizza dough so I decided to try a different sourdough bread recipe from my tried and true dutch oven bread.  My original recipe is chewy and satisfying but isn't the greatest for kids with braces or sandwiches.  The crust is so tough that even the chickens won't eat it.  I have linked a similar recipe below.  

Dutch oven sourdough recipe

So I tried this new recipe.  It is much quicker and the perfect combination of sandwich bread and heaven!  We ate almost a whole loaf between the four of us and then had pizza for dinner!  Can you say BLOATED?  

This sourdough is not vegan so I will try and tweak it a bit.  I am not vegan but have friends that are and in the interest of conserving our food stores, I would rather not use up eggs and milk and butter in our bread.  Now that I think of it, maybe that is why this recipe is so freaking good!

You can find the recipe here
Tomorrow, I MOVE MOVE MOVE!  Maybe a HIIT video or something.  I also have to make masks, which I am not looking forward to because once I am done, I have no excuse not to go to the grocery store.