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Day 27 We made it through another weekend

Although the days are blurring into one another, this weekend stuck out because it was my son's 17th birthday on Saturday and Easter on Sunday.

We never anticipated that we would need to go shopping 6 weeks ago for birthday presents so we shopped on Amazon and a couple of other online stores but still ended up wrapping up a couple of boxes of pop tarts to "sweeten" up his weirdest birthday ever.  I did make cinnamon buns for breakfast and we ordered pizza for dinner.  My husband brought him to our local bike store to get some parts for his bike.   It would have been a pretty pathetic day except for the fact that my son's friends surprised him with a zoom call and we picked him up a Rush from Aroma Joe's, (the definite highlights of the day).

Sunday was beautiful.  We slept in and took our time "hiding" the eggs.  When we finally made it outside to hunt for them, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and it was just another amazing day.