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Day 19 - Ordering takeout

Thursdays are our take out dinner days.  If you think that makes deciding on dinner any easier, you are sadly mistaken.  We opted for Chinese so I feel worse today than I did when I ate all that bread...was that just two days ago?

When you order takeout during the pandemic, always ordering from a small, local restaurant.  The big chains will be fine.  I have always patronized local restaurants and will continue to do so regardless of our current situation. 

Not all local businesses are alike, however.  We got BBQ last week and they were washing everything including the pen and our credit card.   Unfortunately, It was pretty much business as usual at the Chinese restaurant.   There was minimal social distancing and no extra precautions during the transaction.   I am all set with that.

Regardless of the cleaning protocol of your favorite restaurant, when you get your take out food home, you take everything out of its packaging and throw said packaging away, which breaks my heart.  Then you clean the counter where the packaging was and wash your hands 10 times during the process.  It is almost as much work as cooking at home but not quite, and you are helping keep your beloved local restaurants in business.