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Day 46 - My kids are getting along!

My kids are 14 and 17.  They are as different as the day is long.  They fight about everything up to and including who goes through the door first.  As much as I complain about the pandemic and the staying home and the grocery shopping, I can't state enough that our relationships are thriving!  The only reason I can think of is there is a lack of day to day stress.  Both of them are sleeping in.  They hang out in loungewear all day long.  They are as happy as two teenagers can be that cannot hang out with their friends.

It is almost like they are little again but they have the emotional intelligence to work through their issues like little adults.  Just tonight, they had a respectful "interaction" about voice cracking.  Comments were made, feelings were hurt, arguments were made and heard.  It was a COVID-19 miracle!

Playing Minecraft together on the ancient Xbox