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Day 39 - we got chickens!

We get new chicks just about every year.  Last year and the year before were pretty sad.  We lost almost all of them to preditors so my family made me a new, safer pen for the "girls" to live so I have high hopes for this year!

Blue Seal called last week and said they only have two of the six we ordered so we went and got them anyway.  This years' round will be named after musicians.  Some would warn against naming your chickens, especially with our track record but we have been keeping chickens for 12 years now and we can't NOT name them.

Having chickens brings us a lot of joy.  Having them free-range, (now under strict supervision only) is like having a fish tank in your back yard in that they are so relaxing to watch.  They also eat ticks.  The biggest bonus though, especially now during the pandemic, is that we have copious amounts of eggs. 

We will keep these babies and the four more that we get this week, inside, under a heat lamp, until they are not peeping anymore.  We will carefully introduce them to our four adults in the coop where they will be bullied mercilessly until they slowly become part of the flock.  More on this process later. 

I am pleased to announce Panic at the Disco, (Pan) and Queen, (Queenie).