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Day 30 I need a Mantra

This morning I woke up early but wasn't ready to get up so I listened to a podcast called Happier by Gretchen Rubin. I fell back asleep but part of it did
sink in.  I need a mantra.

Mantra should be positive considering it does have Buddhist roots. The f-word, although used frequently and quite cathartic, is not really a mantra.

The Yale course that I'm taking is teaching me to stay in my lane and focus on what I'm good at and hone those skills, (character traits whatever). Maybe I can use those traits to come up with a mantra. Maybe it should be something uniquely me. I try to burn more calories than I eat every day but when I get on the scales in the morning, I want to scream, "WTF?" Why isn't there a Yale course on how to lose 10 lbs?  Actually, I think the whole point of the course is about how thinking that losing 10lbs will make you happy is just your brain playing tricks on you.  I don't think there is a mantra in that... 

I like the title of yesterday's blog post, Upward and Onward. No matter how many times I dip into the snack cupboard or disappoint someone in my family, I'm grateful that I have an opportunity to try again.  PS this post was written much more eloquently but I had neglected to hit save so I had to rewrite it and I'm not at all salty about it. Upward and onward!