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Day 32 Today is going to be awesome!

I think I can. I think I can, I think I can! Guess what day it is?  That's right folks, it is grocery day! My most dreaded day in all the days.

Ordinarily, I would be up, take the dog for a walk, and be on my second cup of coffee by now.  I have a meeting at 10am.  In theory, I COULD have all the groceries bought, washed and put away.  Unfortunately, we are living in a pandemic and time ceases to have any meaning so chores spread out and out and out until so much time is wasted that I find myself just wandering around bumping into walls.

I did manage to make masks for all of us yesterday. Unfortunately, they are all the same.  I ordered kits and just didn't think it through.  They are cute and I managed to code them all, kind of, because we all have different sized heads.  They passed the match test and I can still breathe.  Maybe wearing my affection for San Francisco on my face will make my shopping trip a little more pleasant.