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Day 43 - Is it Monday again already? Another mealtime misery story

I know routine is important but something had to be done about the food situation.  Even with us all being home, we are having scheduling conflicts and sometimes not eating until 8pm.

This issue has been on the back of my mind but it wasn't until my husband mentioned it that it occurred to me that because we have a very flexible schedule right now, we can try something else.  So, we had our big meal at noontime!  I can't believe how psyched I was for this!  I was all done with housewife stuff at about 1pm so I logged into work and managed to get a few hours in.

My grandparents used to eat this way.  They used to tell my brother and me all the time about how good it is for you to have your big meal at noontime.  It was a leftover of farm life and them working second shift at the mills.  We used to think it kind of sucked because we would always have to be home in the middle of the day and then if we got guilted into dishes, it seriously encroached on our summer shenanigans.

Wait, what was that?  A roadblock?   Issues?  Of course!

It turns out that my daughter has a math class that typically runs over time and then the kids in that class do their homework with each other online right after.  So, noontime big meals will not be an option until school is over, which is only three weeks away.  I might be working back at the library at that time so big lunches will not be an option during the week for the foreseeable future.   I might try to do them on the weekends but if we travel somewhere, that won't work either.  I guess that is really why my grandparents had their big meal at noon:  They were retired!

Today, I made chicken puffs & roasted kale.  It was glorious!